Today comes with a grueling message from Armstrong himself, which claims that before they even reached the moon they already noticed the fact that it was inhabited by other species which were way more advanced than we could even imagine.

And if that wasn’t enough, there were clear signs pointing towards the fact that they were not planning on staying on their own planet made of cheese, instead, they were clearly getting ready to start colonization and eventually hike to other planets themselves.

According to Armstrong himself, the very moment that Apollo 11 ended up entering the moon’s atmosphere, they were immediately spotted by the alien race. Not only that, but the aliens also seemed to be quite perturbed by their arrival, warning the spacemen instantly that they needed to leave otherwise they would take action against them immediately.

Their ships were far superior in both size and technology, which terrified the crew instantly. The reasoning behind not telling this sooner was that NASA did not wish to cause panic on Earth.

Last but not least the man concluded his interview by saying that the moon was filled with strange structures and buildings that were unmistakably alien in nature. Any footage of the alien lifeform and their activities were obviously destroyed in the process by NASA.

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