The Chinese lunar rover Yutu 2 was making its way through the Von Karman crater on the far side of the moon when it noticed something very curious far ahead.

The cube-shaped object was at a distance of about 80 meters from it. This event happened back in November, but the media only got to the media the other day, being published on  Our Space, the Chinese news channel related to science, the National Space Administration of China (CNSA).

The Chinese have called this object “Mystery House” (神秘 小屋), but this is more of a temporary nickname for this particular object than an actual description of it.

Mysterious Hut Shaped Object On The Dark Side Of The Moon
Mysterious Hut Shaped Object On The Dark Side Of The Moon

Chinese experts have shown great interest in this object, and now it is expected that the next 2-3 lunar days (2-3 Earth months) Yutu 2 will spend on crossing these 80 meters, avoiding craters in order to get closer to the “house” and better consider it.

A likely explanation for the “cube” could be a large boulder that was thrown onto the surface of the moon as a result of a powerful meteorite impact.

However, supporters of alternative history and ufologists have already suggested that the Chinese discovered on the moon either a Nazi space station or an alien base.

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